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Veterinary Tales about Horses

told by Leo Rogier Verberne
with drawings by Marisca Bruinooge-Verberne

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  • 20. Vaginoplasty

    The birth canal of breeding mares becomes less elastic as years pass by. The vulva that ensures that the vagina is closed becomes slacker and air can flow in and out of the vagina as the mare moves: which is called windsucking. The vagina can become inflamed and the infection may spread to the uterus. This makes it difficult to have the mare be with young. The sucking of air can be prevented by making the vulva and the rear part of the vagina somewhat smaller. This surgical correction (vulvoplasty) involves closing about one-third of the opening. So two-thirds remain open. Still, this procedure is referred to as ‘the closure’ of the mare in the horse world.


    dressage horse

    As a three-year-old, Alide came in fifth place at the national mare inspection in Utrecht. She had an exceptionally good trot. She was serviced, but did not become with young; not even after several attempts. That is unusual, especially for a young mare. Other mares that had been serviced by the same studhorse did promptly succeed in becoming in foal. The sperm was therefore not the problem. It became evident upon examining the mare that the mucous membrane of the vagina was redder than normal. Which is why I took a mucous sample from the uterus for a bacterial culture.
    Two days later, at the Animal Health Department, the culture showed the presence of apathogenic bacteria: common-or-garden bacteria of sorts that are present in the open air. But there should not be any bacterium at all in the uterus. Thereupon Alide was serviced and, after the ovulation, her uterus was treated with antibiotics on two consecutive days. This intrauterine infusion of antibiotics is called ‘washing the uterus’ in horse jargon. She was 'closed' after the second treatment (got a vaginoplasty). She did not become in heat again and she was found to be with young.

    Cutting the vulva open
    If the vulva has been partially sutured close, it will need to be opened up again prior to the delivery of a foal. Failing to do so increases the risk of tearing during the delivery which may result in nasty wounds. It is not wise to wait until the delivery has started before cutting the mare open: the foal is forced out in a matter of ten minutes or so. Which means you will always be too late if you still have to drive to the farm concerned. Once the udder of a mare becomes distended, then it is safe to say that the birth will take place within a few days. That is when I pay the farm a visit. After administering a local anaesthetic, I cut the vulva entirely open, following the existing scar, straight upward. I leave the wound open. Following the birth and the subsequent servicing, the uterus is again 'washed' twice and then 'closed' again. Before closing the vulva, the wound (being a few days old) must be freshened up for the edges to grow together. By cutting away scar tissue on both sides, the wound will heal better and the closure can be repeated more often.

    Urine in de vagina
    Ten years later, this mare has achieved the studbook predicates ster, keur and preferent. And so she ranks among the best saddle mares. She gave birth to a foal every year, a total of nine. She was cut open each time before giving birth and then washed and closed after being serviced. She is now in heat and stands in the inspection box. She is neighing to her foal that has been left behind in the stable. Examining the vagina, using a tube and a small light, I find a pool of fluid: the base of the vagina is sagging and urine remains behind. This renders her virtually infertile. Making the distal part of the vagina narrower requires a more invasive surgery. The sagging base must be repositioned so that all of the urine is drained off. Because urine is fatal to sperm. If you look at a droplet of sperm under a microscope and you add a drop of urine, you will see all of the sperm die in less than a minute.

    Artificial insemination
    Fortunately for Alide, live cover breeding has meanwhile taken a back seat to artificial insemination. The vaginoplasty technique that is required now leaves the rear section of the vagina too narrow to allow the penis to enter during natural reproduction. But in the case of AI, the sperm is discharged at the cervix using a thin pipette that is inserted in the vagina. Which is exactly how Alide became with young for the tenth time. In the years after that, she gave birth to three more foals. Finally, at the age of seventeen, she is completely ‘worn out’ as a breeding mare. The base of the vagina has fully sagged and lacks any elasticity. She has produced thirteen foals and has been closed and opened up again an equal number of times.

    Huub en Tiny van Helvoirt
    The above story takes place at the farm of Huub and Tiny van Helvoirt in Rosmalen. Their successes as horse breeders are manifold. To mention only: In 2003, three of their breeding products could be found in the top ten of best riding horses in the United States. Furthermore the stallion 'Broere Jazz', which was bred by Huub van Helvoirt, performed at the highest dressage level and represented the Netherlands at the European championships in Spain. But, even more important, he passes his talent on to his numerous offspring. Thus he has ranked number 1 dressage talent in the world rankings of all studbooks for a number of years. No wonder that the Dutch studbook organisation (KWPN) enjoyed visiting the farm in Rosmalen during excursions from abroad. Visits were paid by breeders from all over the world. “As long as you all do the talking” Huub would say to the guides of the studbook department. Because Huub and Tiny did not engage themselves in speeches in foreign languages. They were not into speeches at all; they preferred just being normal: no fuss or airs.
    The KWPN honours their reputation by awarding the Huub van Helvoirt cup every year to the Breeder of the Year in the dressage sector.

    Open day
    An open day at the farm had been organised for the residents of Rosmalen. On that occasion, a film was shown in the living room to entertain any children that may come along. Tiny had edited hundreds of home videos that she had made in the course of years at the farm and a variety of horse events and inspections. The film included the natural cover of one of the mares on the farm in earlier days. Upon seeing the images, a small boy asked: “Mama, what is that horse doing?” His mother was caught off guard and felt embarrassed, with so many strangers in the living room listening. But Tiny was quick: “He is checking if he can see the train from Den Bosch rolling in.”

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